The documents on GoeScholar can be used under the following condition, if not otherwise stated on the publicaton page.

Default Terms of Use for publications on GoeScholar

Users of GoeScholar are entitled, within the limits permitted by copyright law, to make use of documents at no cost; in particular, to download documents for private and other personal use, to save these and print them in small quantities (§ 53 UrhG).

Göttingen, March 2009


Publishing your work on GoeScholar requires your agreement to the following assignment of rights. You will be asked to the agreement in the last step of the submission workflow.

I hereby authorize the Göttingen University, represented by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Göttingen), to publish my work according to the terms of contract mentioned below and to offer it for free use on the Internet.
  1. Assignment of Rights
    The rights owner grants the Göttingen University the permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to make publically accessible the document and to archive it on the document server of the Göttingen University. All copyright protections will continue to remain in force on account of this license. The act of uploading a document does not constitute a legally binding right to publication or archiving.
  2. Third-party Rights
    The rights owner declares that on publication of his document as well as its components (for example, illustrations) the rights of third parties (e. g. co-authors, publishers, collecting societies, funding agencies) will not be infringed. The University has the right to deny access to my publication if sufficient evidence exist of the potential infringement of third party rights.
  3. Long term archiving and transformation into other formats
    In conjunction with the provisions of Article 1, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right to store the document in its long term archive and to convert it into other electronic and physical formats if necessary (for example, for migration purposes, indexing or to improve its accessibility).
  4. Transfer of Metadata and Documents
    In conjunction with the provisions of Article 1, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right to make the document’s metadata available free of charge to other databases. In addition, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right, in the context of national or special subject collections mandates, to supply third parties with the document for archival purposes or to make it available publically.
Göttingen, March 2009