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The first fungal laccase with an alkaline pH optimum obtained by directed evolution and its application in indigo dye decolorization

dc.contributor.authorYin, Qiang
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Gang
dc.contributor.authorPeng, Can
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Yinliang
dc.contributor.authorKües, Ursula
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Juanjuan
dc.contributor.authorXiao, Yazhong
dc.contributor.authorFang, Zemin
dc.description.abstractAbstract Engineering of fungal laccases with optimum catalytic activity at alkaline pH has been a long-lasting challenge. In this study, a mutant library containing 3000 clones was obtained by error-prone PCR to adapt the optimum pH of a fungal laccase Lcc9 from the basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea. After three rounds of functional screening, a mutant with three amino acid changes (E116K, N229D, I393T) named PIE5 was selected. PIE5 showed an optimum pH of 8.5 and 8.0 against guaiacol and 2,6-DMP when expressed in Pichia pastoris, representing the first fungal laccase that possesses an optimum pH at an alkaline condition. Site directed mutagenesis disclosed that N229D contributed the most to the optimum pH increment. A single N229D mutation caused an increase in optimum pH by 1.5 units. When used in indigo dye decolorization, PIE5 efficiently decolorized 87.1 ± 1.1% and 90.9 ± 0.3% indigo dye at the optimum conditions of pH 7.0–7.5 and 60 °C, and with either methyl 3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxybenzoate or 2,2′-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothazoline-6-sulfonate) as the mediator. In comparison, the commercially available fungal laccase TvLac from Trametes villosa decolorized 84.3 ± 1.8% of indigo dye under its optimum conditions (opt. pH 5.0 and 60 °C). The properties of an alkaline-dependent activity and the high indigo dye decolorization ability (1.3-fold better than the parental Lcc9) make the new fungal laccase PIE5 an alternative for specific industrial applications.
dc.description.sponsorshipOpen-Access-Publikationsfonds 2019
dc.publisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationAMB Express. 2019 Sep 18;9(1):151
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International
dc.titleThe first fungal laccase with an alkaline pH optimum obtained by directed evolution and its application in indigo dye decolorization
dc.rights.holderThe Author(s)
dc.bibliographicCitation.journalAMB Express

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