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Snyd ikke på vægten – nye vægtlodder fra bronzealderen i Middelhavsområdet

dc.contributor.authorSørensen, Lasse
dc.contributor.authorRahmstrof, Lorenz
dc.description.abstractDon’t fiddle with the scales! – new weights from the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean area Scales were the epitome of a new technique that could measure various raw materials by weighing them in a variety of units. This article presents new knowledge of rare finds of worked stone weights from various collections of antiquities in Denmark and England, which can be dated to the Aegean Bronze Age. The studies of the 53 identified stone weights show that as early as the beginning of the third millennium there were close trading links across the regions in the eastern Mediterranean area among Greece, Turkey, Syria and Mesopotamia, since they used similar weight system, which included the eastern Mediterranean, the Mesopotamian and the Minoan. These connections are also confirmed by studies of the material culture. With the weight units people could communicate with one another across regions and created economic integration and a consensus on the valuation of objects. Whether people tipped the scales is hard to guess today, but when one studies many of the weights it is rare for them to be wholly accurate in terms of the proposed unit of weight. This might mean that there were probably people cheating then, but that the common, known and regulated weight units and systems were the best safeguard against cheating and
dc.subjectmetrology, scales, balance weights, prehistory, Aegean Bronze Age, Eastern Mediterranean, 3rd millennium BC, collections of antiquitiesde
dc.titleSnyd ikke på vægten – nye vægtlodder fra bronzealderen i Middelhavsområdetde
dc.bibliographicCitation.journalNationalmuseet Arbejdsmarkde

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